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Hello Global Couture family! I’m Alexis; a curly-haired New York City girl with a passion for medicine and fashion. As a senior researcher at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, I enjoy putting an end to the myth that scientists are all pocket squares, high water pants, and nerdy glasses!

How would you describe your style?

I’m a very daring, eclectic and approachable person. And I feel my style is very reflective of my personal traits. It’s traditional with an edge and always with a pop of color.

DSC_0029 (1)

How do you decide what to wear in the morning?

I tried to be the person who pulls their outfit out the night before but that never happened consistently. I find that my morning inspiration is always in tune with the weather and the season.Bright and sunny outside means what I decide to wear will be bright and sunny. If I lived in a place without four seasons I would seriously be in trouble!


What are your favorite wardrobe pieces?

My favorite pieces are always the ones that carry a story and have a lot of sentimental value. I have this one faded light denim jacket (good denim jacket is a wardrobe must FYI) with embroidery on the back that was purchased back in 2000 during my freshman year of high school from Express. It was from the Express store that was in the lower level mall of the World Trade Center. My mother worked in tower 2 at the time and would always pick things up for me to wear to school (she is alive and well!). And after the attacks, that jacket became a reminder for us both; a reminder of American strength, courage, and freedom.


Where do you typically shop for clothes and accessories?

My major shopping outlets are second hand/thrift retailers. I frequent the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and EBay and Etsy. My father is a manager for a second hand retailer so that happens to work out nicely for me! I love handmade hair accessories. I always purchase them from Etsy or from someone I meet via social media. Let’s talk hair. How long have you been natural? What is your normal regimen. I’ve been natural for 8 years. My normal regimen: Wash once a week, deep condition bi-weekly, and trim once a year. Product favorites are eco-styler gel, organic aloe vera juice, and the Devacurl line’s no-poo shampoo and one conditioner.


Do you have a signature hairstyle?


I’m a wash n’ go girl. I wear my hair out naturally 95% of the time.  

How does your natural hair work with your style?

It is very much a part of my style and gives it more dimension, culture, and authenticity.


Are you working on any ventures that we should know about?

My major venture right now is entrance into Medical school. I want to combine medical research and patient care so I will be applying this summer which, I am super excited about!

How can we stay connected with you?

 You can reach me via Twitter and Instagram@jonesin4jonesy or contact me on my



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