7 Reasons to Start Making DIY Hair Care Products and How


I am not ashamed to admit that I am a DIY Freak with a capital F! I love everything DIY and my DIY “junkism” is not limited to hair care products either!

Now I know that becoming a “mixtress” isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Some of you might think why spend the time making it when I can just pop into the store and pick up a tub of hair gel or order it to my doorstep? There is nothing wrong with buying products however some of the reasons why I love making my own products are:

 1. You have control of what you apply on your hair and scalp– you know exactly what is being added to your mix and there are no unpronounceable ingredients added. You also get to use ingredients you know your hair responds well to.

2. You can incorporate natural ingredients –  many of us find that pure natural ingredients works best for us. Sometimes companies like to label a product with the word “natural” or emphasize that it contains a natural ingredient when in fact there are barely traces of anything natural in it but you are paying an arm and a leg for it!
3. It isn’t that expensive  – it is mainly the initial purchase of your raw ingredients where you spend a little money but once you have them, you are able to get many many uses that will last you a while before you need to buy more.
4. It doesn’t take that much time – once you have done a couple of DIY’s it starts to become routine and mixing becomes a breeze, in no time you will become a pro!
5. You don’t have to know it all – practice makes perfect. You will go through some trial and error and will have to tweak  recipes but the same applies for trying to find your “staple” store bought products right?
6. It is rewarding – knowing that you made your very own hair gel, mixed hot oil pre-poo, protein deep conditioner etc really does make you feel proud. Trust me, nothing feels better than knowing that thanks to your own mixes your hair is thriving and yes mixing is fun!
7. They are great gifts – little hand made products are awesome presents to give to loved ones. Plus you get to test out your mixes that way – you didn’t hear that from me!)

How do I start?

• Make a plan – write out what you would like to mix and why you want to use it. Planning helps you stay organized.
• Do your research – there are thousands of recipes online so do some reading so you know what you need to get and have recipe options.
• Start off simple – don’t try to make the most elaborate mix you can think of because it can become overwhelming. Start with something like a mixed oil that can be used to pre-poo, seal in moisture and even for a scalp massage.
• Make small batches – this will allow you to test out the product without having to waste too much in case you don’t like it. Plus if you make smaller batches then you are able to use them up quickly before they might start to go off.
• Write it down – note down what you have mixed and how your hair responds to it. This way you have a record of what you used and can track what you might want to change.
Most importantly have fun with it!


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