7 Ingredients You Want to Add to Your Conditioner!

Get the MOST out of your conditioner by simply adding any of these ingredients for healthier hair. Coconut Milk Great for moisture and hair growth. Greek Yogurt To strengthen, moisturize and reduce frizzy hair. Honey For shine, moisture and damage control. Aloe For Strength and shine Mayonnaise For intense conditioning and repair. Lemon Juice To close the hair shaft and add shine. Oils Olive, coconut and Jojoba to strengthen and moisturize. … [Read more...]


  If you haven't tried using natural ingredients on your hair, you may be missing out.  Aloe Vera has been used for centuries as a health and beauty aide and has proven, to curls and fragile hair, to be a real BFF. Here are two easy recipes that you can make at home in either small, or larger batches, depending on your hair’s needs (and length). If you make extra you can even store it in your fridge for later. Moisturizing Detangler Spray You can add or remove ingredients to suit … [Read more...]

How to determine the right products for your hair (Part 2: Hair Width)

In order to determine the right products for your hair you will want to identify your hairs porosity and its width (thickness). In the previous article (Part 1) I covered what porosity means, how to assess your hairs porosity and which products you can look out for. In this article I will go over what hair width means, how to determine your hairs width and products you might want to try out.  Apart from getting the right products, identifying your hair width can actually also aid you retain … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Longer Hair in One Year

Have you been looking at others’ growth and wondering what are they doing? “Why won’t my hair grow that fast in a year?” Well, it’s simple. Hair growth, regardless of the person takes time but there are also things that you can do over a 12-month period so that you too can see amazing growth. 1. Moisturize Believe it or not, moisture comes from water. Yes, the free liquid substance that is available right in your home. Try spraying your hair with water at least two times a week or right before … [Read more...]

“What am I supposed to do about my hairline? It’s completely gone!”

“What am I supposed to do about my hairline? It’s completely gone!” Have you ever had this thought over and over and over again? I know I have, especially after a long term style like Senegalese twists or a sew-in. My edges cry out for some lovin' and I cry with them...why? Well, why shouldn’t we cry together? My edges have been through a lot over the last 3 years of my hair journey: 1. Pre-year of being natural, I was just getting off the relaxer and did not even think about my edges, but … [Read more...]

How to Find the RIGHT Products for Your hair (Part 1: Porosity)

For some of us, when we first go back natural the first thing we want to find out is “what curl type do I have”? It can be exciting, especially if you do not really remember what your natural hair looks like after years of it being alerted. Personally, I am not a huge fan of categorizing “curl patterns” and to be honest when it comes to buying the right product for your hair, curls patterns will not help decide which products will work for you. Many naturals actually find out that they have a … [Read more...]


Curly hair is more prone to tangles than straight hair.  It's a fact and it's a reality we curly/coily/kinky haired Naturals need to accept and embrace.  This doesn't mean we are doomed and must suffer through washing or co-washing.  This just means we need to find ways to fight the tangles without hurting our tresses. Our hair knots up so washing in sections can alleviate some of our hair trauma by working with it instead of working against it.  This will also keep us from spending too … [Read more...]


I have seen this question popping up more than usual and maybe it's because of some new products on the market claiming to repair split ends. Yes, the claims are shocking and probably falling on happy ears but in all reality my dear Naturals...  No, you cannot repair split ends. Please do not kill the messenger. I would be doing you a grave injustice by lying so after I give you TWO different experts giving valid details on why this cannot occur, maybe you will calm down and we can find other … [Read more...]

How to take care of an itchy scalp

Some of us have to deal with an itchy scalp which can drive us up the wall! Apart from going through an embarrassing situation where you are trying to “discreetly” scratch an itch during a romantic first date or important meeting, if not properly addressed it can snowball and get worse.  ‘Prevention is better cure’ right? So in order to prevent an itchy scalp, one needs to understand what can cause it and then move onto solutions to heal the problem, if it has already happened.   Why is your … [Read more...]

The Length Retention Checklist: 20 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Hair Progress Stalls

  by Robin (pictured above) I believe that most women with natural hair have the ability to grow their hair to long lengths.  I grew my natural hair from shoulder length to waist length in three years. I’ve never had hair this long in the past. I don’t come from a family of women with long hair and I didn’t have long hair as a child. There are many different factors that can impact hair growth and retention. Throughout my hair journey, I’ve learned quite a bit through both … [Read more...]

Is Your Hair Breaking or Shedding?

One of things that can sometimes confuse people is trying to determine whether they are experiencing breakage or excessive shedding. While both might seem similar, there are big differences between the two as well as different reasons why they occur. At some point in our natural hair journey most of us might have experience one or both of them. In order to get a little understanding of both, I will briefly define what each term means, the potential causes of them and some solutions you can … [Read more...]

Effectives Strategies for Damaged Hair

If your hair has extensive damage then you’ll definitely want to implement some effective strategies to improve its health. Since there is no way to really permanently repair damaged areas, preventing further damage and addressing existing issues will enhance the look and condition of your hair. I’ve developed a simple 3-step program to successfully accomplish this.   1. RemoveThis goes without saying. If what you’re doing right now is contributing negatively to the state of your … [Read more...]

Damaging Hair Care Practices

As naturals our search for hair care knowledge usually fulfills a couple desires: 1. To achieve “healthy hair” 2. For our hair to grow Well, that’s not what we really mean is it? Our hair grows. It grows at varying rates monthly and throughout the year and its growth is based on our genetics, our overall health, nutrition, hormones, etc. But it does grow. What we are most interested in is the retention of length. If your hair breaks just as much as it grows then you’re not going to see the … [Read more...]

Shrinkage is a ‘Frenemy’

Shrinkage. It’s like a “frenemy” for those of us that know it well. The love/hate relationship is ever present, but perhaps instead of battling it, we should learn to embrace shrinkage as a gift. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking: “What in the world is this crazy girl talking about? Love shrinkage?” It seems like an impossible task. However, if you stop and think about it, shrinkage is the very thing that gives natural hair its best trait: versatility. All around the web, I see … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Use Olive Oil for Natural Hair

Treat your natural coils to these olive oil recipes for hair that looks and feels healthier. Dry curly hair is the WORST! But olive oil can be your best friend when it comes to preventing natural Type 4 hair from getting dry and crunchy? Whether it’s a pre-poo treatment or the secret ingredient in your whipped shea butter, olive oil could be your ticket to healthier looking and feeling hair. 1. Whipped Shea Butter A store bought or homemade whipped shea butter is a Type 4 curly’s best … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Prevent Split Ends

Split ends are an unsightly, annoying and unattractive hindrance that will get in the way of healthy hair growth. Prevent split ends from occurring in the first place with these 10 easy tips: Put The Brush Away 1. Some people were taught to believe that brushing the full length of your hair often is good for your hair when it’s actually one of the worst things that you can do. In fact, it’s better to avoid brushing your hair period or at least do so very infrequently. Hard Bristle Brushes … [Read more...]