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Produce Description: The first color coded curly hair system to make it simple for all Curlies to know which product is for them. The products are made with natural and certified organic ingredients. It also contains no parabens, no mineral oil, no petroleum, and no sulfates. Curly hair should be simple and fun.


  1. says

    I think I should win because I am at a crossroads with my natural hair. I am in desperate need of a new product to breath new life back into my tresses. I hope I get a chance to try this line out by winning!!

  2. latanya t says

    I think I should win because I like trying new hair products to see if they will become staples in my regimen.

  3. Brigite says

    I should win because I am transitioning from heat damage and a broke college student and it is hard for me to find the extra money on the side to buy some new products to try. There’s so many products I want to try and this is certainly one of the lines I wanted to try.

  4. dorcontest says

    I would love to win because I am cute and adorable. 🙂 LOL My hair is curly right now and products that would help it reach its’ full potential would be really nice.
    Doreen Lamoureux Thanks for the review and the giveaway

  5. Wendy Browne says

    I would love to gift this to some of my co-workers who have beautiful hair but could use a sulfate free, gentler products line.

  6. mlank64 says

    You know…I’ve been natural now for 3.5 years and I can say with some confidence that what will work for your hair as far as products go has little to do with the tightness or looseness of a particular curl. The real determining factor is porosity along with density and strand thickness. Yet, hair companies never market their products based on any of those factors…(at least I haven’t seen any if there are please let me know).
    They do this because they realize many naturals are preoccupied with finding women who have a similar curl pattern to their own hair and are looking for products that are for 3c 2b, 4a and 4c etc. Which is not a bad thing, but, it really is not going to determine what will work for your hair. It’s more of a marketing gimmick. From my own personal experience ealier in my hair journey I’ve followed women who had a similar curl size to my own and almost always I can never use the products they use. I had to find out the hard way that my porosity was a huge factor in finding out what will work for my hair. Companies need to start marketing and or creating products that specifically address porosity, density, and strand thickness…because those factors are the most important in determining what products will work, how to manipulate the hair and styles that will not create breakage or damage…..not so much curl size.