Are we obsessed with hair growth pills?


Something occurred me recently…there seems to be a current “trend” of taking hair growth pills. It seems like every other day a new pill is being marketed for hair growth, nail growth and healthy glowing skin. Now, do not get me wrong, I have no issues with people wanting to have healthy long hair, as I myself like my own hair. However, I do have some concerns about how we want to achieve all of this.

I always get the feeling that while these kind of pills have helped some see growth, they might give people the wrong idea and message. For whatever reason the first thing that pops in my mind is “magic hair growth” and that is what worries me. Instead of trying to achieve healthy hair which means hair that will grow on its own, people might decide the way to achieve this is by taking tablets to give them growth  “instantly” versus trying to focus on building a healthy hair routine that will give you growth naturally.

Long hair is not necessarily everyone’s goal, some of us prefer having short hair because it looks cute and might require a little less time e.g. less detangling and less styling time. But for those that want to achieve long hair it can seem like a time staking task. Most of us know you will not achieve tail bone length overnight and that is where the marketing of these pills come into play.

There is nothing that urkes me more than false advertising. I have seen some before and after photos where people are tilting their head as far back as they can to show “how long their hair got after 1 month of taking growth pills”, someone tugging on the longest piece of hair (which is a few strands) and pulling it down to show their “growth progress” or someone comparing two totally different sections of hair to show their results. These are the pictures people might hold onto without realizing that some (not all) might actually be fake.

In some instances people have said their skin breaks out due to the fact that these pills require drinking enough water for the pill to be absorbed into the body. So while you might have longer hair you can end up with pimples. Having said that you should be consuming enough water throughout the day regardless of if you are taking any tablets of not. Side note: water is our friend both internally and externally!

Like I said, I can not fault anyone for wanting to achieve their goal of having long hair, but my belief is that they should want to achieve healthy hair. With health comes growth! You can always take these tablets while having a healthy hair routine which involves actually taking care of your hair. There is no point in neglecting your hair but at the same time taking growth tablets because in the long run you will either need to keep taking these pills for years or you simply will not achieve your aim because the core of your routine which should be your main focus is unhealthy.

So I guess the overall message of this article is regardless of your goals, be it long hair or short hair, you main goal should be health and not overnight “magic pills”.

[by Maicurls]


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