My Natural Hair Survival Kit


I have a very low maintenance hair regimen. I co wash (conditioner only) my hair in the shower about 2-3 times a week. When it’s wet, I apply a leave in and gel. I’ll let it air dry and I’m out the door. I only use shampoo when I go to the beach.

I try to deep condition at least once a week using the bagging method overnight.

I detangle using a wide tooth comb and my denman brush. I should finger detangle, but I’m impatient. LOL

I am the wash n go queen and just let my hair do whatever it wants. I use my curl cloth to absorb the extra water and but the drying time.  I occasionally use my diffuser, if I am in a rush. I use curl formers when I REALLY want big hair.

I try a lot of products (product junkie alert) but right now I am really into Curl Junkie,  Giovanni, Kinky Kurly, As I am, & Luv Naturals.

Every Natural Hair Care regimen should include products that will clean, condition, detangle, fortify, style, nourish and add shine to your hair.

Here is my Natural Hair Survival kit:


  1. Cherrelle Shelton says

    Do you experience knots in your hair from wearing wash n go’s? That’s my major problem…I have to deal with tangles and knots if I wear them for too long.

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