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My name is Natasha but I am better known as Naturallytash aka the Queen of Hair Shadowing. I am originally from Staten Island, NYC but I now reside in Houston Texas.

How long have you been natural?
I went totally natural two and a half years ago. Prior to that I hadn’t used a perm in 10 plus years but I destroyed my curl pattern by constantly dyeing and flat ironing my hair.

What motivated you to go natural?
My hair seemed as if it wasn’t growing and I missed having my curls. I decided then to transition so I stopped using all chemicals, no longer used heat, deep conditioned my hair twice a month and did protein treatments once a month. I also only wore Bantu knot outs until my curl pattern returned.
How would you describe your hair?
I honestly don’t believe in curl types but if I had to say I would say my hair is a mix of the 3’s. It eats conditioner like a monster, it craves moisture and it currently will only eat cantu products 😉

What do you love most about your hair?

What I love the most about my hair is its ability to be both untamable and neat at the same time lol I love my hair cause it’s an extension of myself that speaks without a single word.

What has been the most memorable part of the journey?

Two of the most memorable parts of my journey is 1: when I started to long for color in my hair so I tried hair chalk. At first I liked it but I soon tired of it rubbing off on everything humanly possible. Then I started experimenting with powdered eye shadow in my hair, which grew to cream eye shadow and the term hair shadowing being used. I couldn’t believe how many women I inspired to try hair shadowing and it still humbles me to no end. I still continue to come up with new hair shadowing blends and I gave recently gotten into using temporary hair color with conditioner to both deep condition and color your hair 2. Is when I started my Facebook page I ROCK my natural to motivate young girls and women to be proud of who they are. When I created the page I did so cause I didn’t feel like there was enough natural hair pages on FB that showed every type of natural hair. I never expected to gain the following or response that I did and now it’s known if around the world!

What was your favorite hairstyle?
My favorite transitioning style was definitely Bantu knot outs. I would do them every 3 or so days and pineapple in between. I also did braid outs and twist outs with the ends on rollers.
Any reactions from friends and family?
My family and friends were pretty happy with my decision. I convinced my mom to go natural. My dad thought it to be funny that it took me so many years to leave my hair alone lol my hubby was thrilled ans remains that way to this day. I feel I may not have gotten a job or two because of my hair and me being a teacher but nonetheless my experiences have been good.

What is your hair regimen?

I wash my hair every Sunday. I use organix argan oil shampoo and mane and tail conditioner. Every time I wash my hair I heat my conditioner up and let it sit at least 10 minutes. 2 hours if I’m deep conditioning. I mainly wear wash and gos so after that I use cantu Shea butter leave in condition straight out the fridge. I then cocktail cantu curl activator and cantu coconut milk spay in sections and diffuse on low cool. To refresh my curls throughout the week I may use my water and coconut oil mix to spritz my curls and follow that with the cantu hair lotion. Other must haves: cantu coconut curling cream( great for twist outs and Bantu knots) tea tree oil, raw coconut oil, mane and tail shampoo, curls unleashed curl defining cream.

 I always get asked what are my favorite hair shadowing products and how long do they last so here is a brief list:

1. Maybelline powder eye shadow: 1-2 days

2. Maybelline color tattoo cream eye shadow: up to 1 week

3. Maybelline dreamy bouncy blush: up to 1 week

4. Nyx eyeshadow(Vivids): 1-2 days

5. Mac cream eye shadow: up to 1 week

What are some of your favorite blogs or vlogs?
I really don’t have one natural hair site that I love, I love them all. I spend a lot of time on tumblr and IG looking at natural hair photos and art that inspire me.  I have some hair crushes on IG and they are @aevindugas @aiden_j_garcia @staceyhashh
Any advice?
Never give up on your natural hair journey.,nothing worth having comes easy and patience is the best thing for you and your hair.
Where can we find you on social media?
You can reach me at any of these sites:
Naturallytash on IG

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