Recover From Falling Off the Hair Regimen Wagon

Before I even begin to get into the topic, I want to start off by saying do not stress, it is not the end of the world! So you have found yourself a routine that not only works for your hair but fits into your lifestyle (time), you use products that give you results (and work with your budget) and you are merrily happy with your hair journey. All of a sudden you realize something is up. You’ve skipped a few (needed) moisturizing deep condition sessions, you haven’t been detangling … [Read more...]

5 Signs You Need a New Hair Routine

hair routine

It happens to the best of us, our hair refuses to co-operate and you start to lose hope. You start to question all the skills you learned from your favorite naturalista bloggers, and think maybe you should go back to wearing your hair straight. The truth is, it’s not you, it’s your hair. No really. 1. Your hair dries out all forms of moisture in less than 3 hours Nothing seems to keep your hair from staying dry anymore. Your favourite oils, creams, and even water, can’t stop the … [Read more...]

My Natural Hair Survival Kit

I have a very low maintenance hair regimen. I co wash (conditioner only) my hair in the shower about 2-3 times a week. When it’s wet, I apply a leave in and gel. I’ll let it air dry and I’m out the door. I only use shampoo when I go to the beach. I try to deep condition at least once a week using the bagging method overnight. I detangle using a wide tooth comb and my denman brush. I should finger detangle, but I'm impatient. LOL I am the wash n go queen and just let my hair do whatever … [Read more...]