Hand In Hair syndrome and how to try to combat it


Are you transitioning, newly natural or have been natural for years and cannot for the life of you understand how your hands/fingers subconsciously find their way to your lovely hair?Do you love exploring how the texture of your hair feels (a lot)? When you’re bored or nervous do you reach for a section of hair to twirl around your fingers? Are you constantly “fixing” a style you just did because you feel like something might be “off”? Do you find it relaxing when you or your significant other touches your hair (a lot)?

If so, chances are you’re “suffering” from Hand In Hair (HIH) syndrome. Truth be told, I myself play around with my hair from time to time too, especially if I am digging a style!

What is HIH

HIH syndrome basically means that you are always touching, tugging, rubbing or playing with your hair (sometimes without you noticing). You might find that touching your hair relaxes you, distracts you when you are bored or you always think something is “wrong” with your hair.

Potential consequences

The issue with HIH syndrome is that it can cause problems for you down the road, especially if you are constantly touching your hair. Some of the issues you might notice are:

• Split ends – due to friction cause by your fingers gliding over your hair
• Tangles – twirling and playing in your hair causes knots
• Dry ends – cause by your fingers takes away some of the moisture and oil on your hair
• Single Stand Knots – a consequence from the constant friction, tangles and loss of moisture & oil
• No length retention or growth – you might have to cut your hair more frequently due to some of the reasons above

How can I stop it?

Protective/low manipulative styles – having your hair tucked away is not only a great method of maintaining and growing your hair but it will also make it more difficult for your hands to find its way to your hair.

Silk Scarfs – Using a pretty silk scarf can be used as an accessory but also plays the role of putting up a barrier, thus making it difficult for your fingers to find its way to your hair.

Try to be mindful – If you know you like to play in your hair when you are nervous try to put your in an up-do/protective style during times of stress. You can also try to remind yourself that touching your hair too much can lead to damage.

Have a ‘designated section’ – Instead of touching every single part of your hair constantly, perhaps have just one section (a teeny tiny part) that you “let yourself” play with…if you have to.

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